Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pan American Sprint Championships

Last weekend I placed 6th at the Pan American Sprint Championships in Sarasota, FL. The points I earned moved me up about 50 spots in the world rankings to around 160th!

Before I go any further I have to thank my homestay for the event, Stephen Daugherty and his wife Lynda for their incredible hospitality and generosity. They fed and sheltered 4 grown men in their house for almost a week, making sure we had everything we needed to succeed. This goes above and beyond the call of a couch to sleep on and I owe a part of the weekend's success to them. (the pictures on here are also Steve's work!)

In the individual race RESULTS I had a strong swim although not quite what I was hoping for, as I struggled to find my feel the first 200 meters before powering through the field in the second half. I exited just behind the lead group of 4, but quickly made up the deficit in transition and the first kilometer of the bike.The lead group rode very well on the whole and we came into transition with a healthy lead that held through the run. My run is coming along well despite some Achilles pain this winter and I'm excited to see it continue to improve through the next couple races!

I also competed in the Mixed Relay Championships, which featured two men, two women teams from Mexico, Canada, and USA. RESULTS I was on the top US team and we took second place behind Canada in a very exciting race that came down to my anchor leg. I "took the baton" with a 60 second deficit on the Canadians and dropped it to 45 seconds by the end of the 375 meter swim. I almost completely erased the gap on the bike, TT'ing to within 5 seconds of the lead. On the run my effort caught up with me and I couldn't push past the Canadian, but the crowd was pumped up and was appreciative of the show.

I was rocking a new kit that I couldn't zip up, but I failed in style.....

And a HOT new frame setup thanks to Athletes Lounge and custom decals on my Rolf Prima Wheels!

Here's a little highlight video fellow pro John O'Neill put together with footage caught by Brian Macarthur.


I'll be headed to Lifetime South Beach on April 6th next, where I''ll be breaking out the TT bike and racing for some big checks and points in the Lifetime Series.

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